Feb 11, 2022·edited Feb 11, 2022

Im not into RE (pretty much ignored it becauce of the record low rates that can only head in the wrong direction - maybe not valid) but i read youre posts with high pleasure. And just like you mentioned i saw the upside abit to low to get blood taste enough to do the ground work. Allways thought i had atleast an equal good idea but with the advantage that i could hold on to it for a longer timeperiod to decrease the reinvestment risk. I´ve allways been thinking that i may pull of something like this if i worked my ass of as long as the market remains positive but i´ll probably loose more in short term plays than i would in my other investments when the shit hits the fan. Not as comfortable holding on to it, maybe not as high underlying resiliens as long picks, alternatives look more appeling etc - so to summarize, in my head it takes more work and probably larger losses in downmarkets, which makes it a sub strategy to my regular once. You write that you feel fine holding on to these long term as a back door so i asume you don´t make the same conclusion about large losses for whatever reason - not necessarily a universal right or wrong here, may be individual aswell.

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